Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kid's home

He's been knocked out, cut open, screwed around with...[two screws in his tibia], stitched up, splint casted. He's been woken up, temperature taken, blood pressure checked and bugged about how much does it hurt.

He' practicing sword/crutch moves.

That's my boy.

But his summer is screwed up. No swimming. Hmm. I wonder if he could swim in a fiberglass cast? We'll find out in two weeks.

We get home and a: the car falls apart again and b: the house is again spewing sewage. I gave up and called a plumber. First guy calls back and tells me he's too busy. Argh.

Sooooo.... universe... is it time to flip over and give up the phenomenal good luck lurking? I mean, it would only be fair.

When it starts raining gold coins I'll be the one running around with the hard-hat, wheelbarrow and a shovel!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Okay, Gods, Joke's Over, Not funny

Not even funny once.

Tris went off to Camp Winston. He was having a great time, apparently.

On Wednesday, I had finally locked the toilet back down where it was supposed to be. There was a 5.0 inter-crustal earthquake. This was interesting enough since I thought it was blasting from the highway construction over the ridge at first... until it went on too long and got stronger as opposed to fading off. A good thirty seconds.

That was roughly around the time that Camp Winston called be to say "Tris is fine, he had a fall and hurt his ankle, we're taking him to get an x-ray just to be sure... but it's probably not broken, since he says it doesn't hurt so bad."


So I'm sitting trying to work, watching the torrential rains. Then I find out that a tornado has touched down at Midland. This is about twenty minutes away from where they've taken Tris.


Now they call me and tell me its broken. We do the hospital shuffle and get referred to the osteosurgeon in Barrie.

Friday morning we drive down. I'm now at Karen's place since it is an hour closer to the hospital (my animals... I brought the dogs, the cats have food and water both)
Thank the Gods I don't have the chickens and ducks and turkeys yet. And they say yeah it's a bad break, he needs surgery and asap.

Tomorrow (i.e. today) He can't eat today, just clear fluids. And he goes under the knife to try and fix the ends of the bone.

The one bone was injured right at the growth plate so it is possibly damaged from further growth. I really, truly hope not. But once everything is back where it belongs and he's in a true cast for months to let it heal up, we'll hit him with the homeopathics and shiatsu.

You know, this wasn't funny even the first time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snakes... no spiders

Ok. The car is home and sitting in the garage, diagnosed. A cracked distributor cap. And I have a nice new one sitting in the parts car. Now all I need to do is get one bolt loose.

Unfortunately it is underneath and rusted to crap and I cannot yet get it out, even though I ripped the air-filter housing out of the way to allow me access. I can't do that on the semi-running vehicle. It's going to be interesting.

Karen is taking Tristan to Camp Winston today because of the vehicular problems... and came up to get him so she and Raphi were here this weekend. Nice, except for on-going plumbing problems.

I think I have the house's constipation problems fixed. A careful probe... one of about eighteen... with a plumber's snake seems to have pushed things on through.

Cross fingers pour hot water down the drains.

And all will one day again be good in the Land of Elimination!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Return of the Sewage Fairy

At the risk of whining, is mercury retrograde this week? WTHH is going on?

I ran over something with my car and took out the two tires on the driver's side. Got towed home in the rain and the car sat. I managed to pinch my scissor jack under the parts car. Its still there.

Today I get help and the tires got swapped out. Great.

Now the car won't start at all. WTF?

Oh and my toilet is suddenly flushing not down the nice pipe to the septic system but over the floor. Sigh. I need a new wax ring.

My son pushed the car down the hill almost a half a klick and I tried popping it into second but that did not work.

So the car is now parked down by the Hydro transfer station and I'll have to bike into town tomorrow to get the plumbing bits.

Look, all joking aside you trickster Gods... these are NOT FUNNY. I don't care that you're rolling on your ass laughing at me! Not funny.

Well, maybe a little.

I mean the toilet thing and me needing to be the Sewage Fairy again after all these years, schlepping nasty wet towels across to the washing machine... Yeah, maybe I can get a giggle out of that. At least it was just towels this time. It could have been much worse!

I guess I should have expected the toilet thing. Some Gods have a low sense of humour.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

News update from the Gulf of Words

This little post appeared on my Eclipse Court site and part of it on my Kyrus Talain book site, but I liked it as a separate piece of work, so here it is again!

There will be a post tonight! Yes, indeed! On this site! The words are still flowing and I am still catching some of them.

Because of a minor accident
fire/explosion/sinking/mistake in the plot of this ongoing drilling project novel, our emergency crews fearless author has been called to attend to the plot-gushing environmental disaster of the century fiddly little cleanup details.Exterminate! Exterminate! Warning, warning Will Robininson! The Seaview is going down! Hull-breech imminent Captain. The Time Tunnel is collapsing! The two astronauts will never make it home to our time! Uncle Martin put that antenna down! We apologize for the leakage of any other plots onto your screen and will Resistance is futile have this little leak fixed whenever she ponies up the fikken words to plug it! in no time at all. Mother stop honking at traffic policeman do you want to get me arrested?

There has been a crippling disaster minor problem discovered, deep in the buried posts of EC which will lead to some major revisions to plug a seven month hole teensy little revisions in the plot. Everything is fine up to post 243 and then we experience a massive fucking entropy-spewing hole where the platform burned down, fell over and sank into the ocean little blip spewing oily words in all directions like dying birds until our ceaselessly working engineers put a cap on it spin writer can come up with a lovely story about how hard we are working to fucking fix it! Correct our little problem. Please note the engaging colours on the surface of the water. Pretty, just like soap bubbles. Not a deadly, life and book sucking horror. Everything from Post 250 onward should be fine.

We should be caught up over this weekend. With the flippin’ car crippled and on two wheels, my scissor jack squashed under the parts car and only a bicycle to get my son to freakin’ camp this weekend… We have a whole week in which to flop around like deranged jellyfish access our brilliant think-tank and come up with a smoothly sliding seamless solution.

Stay tuned for our very own Update from the Gulf of Words!