Friday, August 14, 2009


Summer has finally arrived. I just chased the dogs back from a romp into the bush, pretending to chase something, and flung myself in the pool.

Who cares if it is an above ground pool and not the design of my dreams? I have a computer that can practically dance a jig and more music at my command than the Sun King.

I can eat from plates all over the world and be entertained by hundreds if I flip on the freakin' TV.

The funny thing is that I still feel like I've failed in life! Wow. And no one has ever heard that before.

After I die, no one is going to care if this year I had trouble.

Even next year. No one is going to care.

So why am I letting this bother me? Because I feel I must. I shouldn't just enjoy what I have. Because... because... um... no reason [insert sheepish grin here] Just as some religions would teach... "If you aren't sweatin' or bleedin', what good are you?"

I need neither sweat nor bleed to deserve life and a good one.


Where did this one come from?

It won't matter. Ultimately it won't matter one whit. And in that thought is freedom.

Excuse me while I go back into the pool to think about this one for a while! Cheers!

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