Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Exhaustion

We're into the new year by one whole day and I've already managed to get behind on my sleep. Back to work today and looking forward to the Twelfth night festivities. That's when my son and I visit Oma and I have a wake to attend that day. What can I say? Life and death don't care about arbitrary human means of marking time.

Hoover (one of the young dogs) is just bugging me to feed him. Of course the older dog Rio is playing it cool, just lying under my feet and farting, trusting that I'll notice eventually.

It looks like next week will be the January thaw, with temperatures climing up to 10C.

Yesterday I and and friend went to a New Year's Day party and found their road hadn't been plowed. In was barely okay and to get out it took two hours, a four by and a nylon tow strap. Other than that an excellent party and convivial company.

I went out to dinner after and was so wound up after I didn't sleep till quite late. 3 a.m. actually.

Book recommendations: 'feather boy' by Nicky Singer, a young adult book

All of the "Bloody Jack" books by L.A. Meyer, also young adult. Being the chronicles of Jacky (Mary) Faber, who goes to sea disguised as a boy and among other things comments on the gang just north of them in Cheapside, Fagin and his Dodger, almost gets burned as a witch in Boston, takes a short jaunt with Captain Ahab, and fights with the British fleet at Trafalgar. I most certainly use the term 'fights with' deliberately.

Have a good night everyone.

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